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Theatre and Production

EU Production is one of the leading forces for performing plays in the Korean society of Australia.

Established in 2010, EU Production is recognised as the foremost performing arts in play, with fine achievements and acknowledgements from the Sydney Korean community and the general audiences.

Proud of its rich history in offering a variety of cultural events to serve Korean-Australian audience, with numerous top-quality performers, EU continues its efforts to fulfill its vision for the future generation, by expanding its activities to a variety creative of performances

Moreover, EU Production will continue to further expand its education in nurturing new works, young artists and creating unparalleled quality of cultural plays.

EU Production consists of qualified professionals in the fields of performing arts. Pursing a wide variety of performing arts, these professionals are specialist in dance, acting, and plays.

With achievement as a top performer in the fields of plays, EU Production continues to make commitment toward serving not only the people in Korean society of Australia, but also Australian audiences through a great performance play.


For inquires email: admin@eutheatre.com

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